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Sept. 9, 2010, 8:05 p.m.
Distributed Networks
HP Innovate 2008
HP Labs

Hello everyone, it has been more than an year and a half since I blogged. Ever since I started working on Google Summer of Code 2009 for Melange project I haven't really had any time to make blog posts. I would like to, but the time has been very restrictive to me since then, with most of my time devoted to FOSSEE, Melange among other things.

This is only a special blog post. Our paper titled "Optimal Streaming Protocol for Video-on-Demand using Client’s Residual Bandwidth" was chosen as Top 10 Research papers in India by HP Labs under the program HP Innovate 2008. We have recently noticed that HP Labs has removed the HP Innovate 2008 website. This, for us, means that there is no record of our paper being chosen as top 10 research papers in India for the year 2008 by HP Labs. Unfortunately we are helpless about it since HP Labs had already informed us that it holds the right to do so.

So in order to keep a record of it, I have put the URL at which HP had published our paper. This is because, if at all HP brings back the site up on our request (about which we will be writing to HP Labs soon) we have the reference back. Here is the URL:

In addition to that, I am attaching the actual work itself here for book keeping purposes and the letters of appreciation and certification. They, in order, are:

1. The actual work itself(Paper), which we are releasing as a Creative Commons Licensed document with the License being Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 (CC-BY-NC). You are free to do anything non-commercial with this paper, but it is our humble request to credit us for the work if you derive something from it. We are releasing the paper under this license because we strongly believe that there will be some one out there who can make use of this paper and do better research work and hence contribute back to the Computer Science fraternity. Also we see this paper of us itself as a contribution to the growth of Science in General and Computer Science in specific. HP has clearly said that it holds no IP rights and also it has also removed the paper from their public website. Although we want to publish this paper in a reputed International journal we are not yet sure if we are allowed to send the paper for publication yet. We are yet to figure it out. So we thought it would be best to release it for public use than waiting for these issues to be resolved. Also we believe that there is nothing wrong in releasing this paper under CC license. This PDF contains all the research work we have published in this paper. In a more simpler terms it is a verbatim of the paper published by HP which won the accolades.

2. The Appreciation Letter that Dr. Vinnie Jauhari, Region Lead - India, Open Innovation Office, HP Labs, wrote to us a couple of days after the presentation at the conference at HP office in Bangalore.

3. The HP Innovate 2009 Handbook which comprises of our photos during the presentation at HP Innovate 2008 Conference.

I will also attach the scanned version of the certificate soon.

Click here to download the paper.

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