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May 31, 2008, 7:08 p.m.

   Being a Great fan of Google, because of its support to Free and Open Source Software I have always keenly and closely watched its progress and growth. To be very frank, I am always jealous of its growth and money it has. I always want a share in it, no matter how. It maybe part of its shares, reward, gift or whatever from Google(if so I expect really a large amount as the reward involved) or if this is not possible, I am ready to share its money in the negative too. You did not get what I am trying to say? It means I somehow want their money, may be I am even ready to sue them for some reason to have a share in their money.

   Due to this reason I try to find one or the other mistakes that Google does everytime(it's sometimes said that anything that becomes too much will have the opposite effect, for instance too much of love may lead into hatred, probably this one is such a syndrome as I have already said I am great fan of Google.)

   Off late, I found on May 30th, 2008 that Google had changed its icon that appears as the website's identity or micro version of the website's logo some times called as favicon next to the URL in the Browser's address bar. The new favicon contained only the "g" in Google. It looked amazing. But as soon as I said that it came to my mind that it was a pakka (exact) copy of the M in my blog. I have had this "M" as my website's favicon from the day I created my website as I loved the letter "M" in English alphabet the most. I donno why, probably becauseMy Name starts with M, or may be I like the number 13 and "M" is the 13th letter in English Alphabet. Screenshots at the end of this page. Look at the font too. Its so identical.

   So just a thought flashed into my mind. "How about suing Google for Copying ideas from my favicon?". He He He. How stupid or rubbish or foolish or call whatever you want. But as I said I want a share in their money. But Alas! I later realized that ideas cannot become IP, cannot be copyrighted or cannot used for for suing. Unfortunately it was just an idea or the concept that Google has copied from my blog and I cannot sue them. What is your take on this?

              Images for comparison(Click on the Images To See it in Full Size)

Image Hosted by
                                                                                Google's G


Image Hosted by                                                                                My Blog's M

-- Yours lovingly

P.S: This is written all for fun and no offences meant to Google, if at all some Google people see this. LOL, How can I sue Google? Google is already funding me 4500 USD for Google Summer of Code, Conditions Apply(he he he, provided I complete it) and I have already got 500 USD. Thanks for all the pain that Google is taking in organizing and funding this amazing programme to support the cause of Free and Open Source Software and encouraging Students participation in Free and Open Source Softwares. Long Live Gooogle!!! LONG Live Google Summer of Code

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