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May 31, 2008, 8:19 p.m.

   For those of you eagerly waiting to track my progress in Google Summer of Code, 2008 and have asked me to blog here by writing about my experiences during Google Summer of Code, my progress etc. I am sorry I am not able to do it at multiple places at the moment. DAMN VTU, I am not able to manage time. I will try to blog as soon as I find time. I have been making note of what all should be written, and will do it in separate blog articles, as it would have been, if I had blogged regularly.

For now, you can track my progress at bddebian wiki(Hurd's Official Wiki). Click here

I am maintaining my code repository using git as the Version Management System hosted at If you are interested at looking at my code, you can use the git protocol with the following command to clone the repository

    git clone git://

Or you can use the Web Interface, the URL is given below

-- Yours lovingly

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