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April 22, 2009, 5 a.m.
GSoC 2008
GSoC 2009

I somehow made up my mind finally to contact Melange folks about GSoC 2009. I made the first move on March 28th, 2009. By this time, I had read the project ideas on Melange's wiki. I had also decided to implement GHOP related task-based work flow feature for Melange. I had done some background work too, before I approached Melange folks for the first time.

I still remember the conversation entirely. I pinged Sverre Rabbelier on #melange at A bit hesitantly, and with much fear, I asked if I was late to apply. He said not at all. Last date for applying is April 3rd for which you have a week still. I told him, I was not confident in asking him about applying to Melange, since I had not done much work and all. He spoke to me with so much patience and in such a nice way. He made sure in everyway possible to help me get back my confidence. If I am selected today, Sverre should get the credits too(Almost all, but Lennie and Pawel too have helped me a lot. So all the credits goto 3 of them combined). Later on I discussed a bit about GHOP features with Sverre came up with a proposal(Click here to read my proposal) and asked Sverre, Pawel and Lennie to review the proposal.

I also asked my friends to review it. Not to forget, a big thanks to Vattam for reviewing all the proposals for me. You must really see my proposals which I have published on other posts, to see how huge it is. It is really a pain to review my proposal. That too at the time when he was busy with his own GSoC stuff, he reviewed them for me. If vattam is reading this, "I am sure I have irritated you enough maga, by Thanking and all, but I really really want to express my gratitude. I am not finding any other way :("

Pawel asked me to submit my proposal to itself, so that he can review it there. All the 3 of them reviewed my proposal for me. They seemed to be happy. I got positive comments from all 3 of them. But still I was not sure if I would get thru. I knew that there was one another proposal for GHOP itself and if that one was good, I would be out. I later came to know that, there were 3 proposals for GHOP implementation itself including mine. I also learnt that Melange got 24 proposals. And I was guessing 3-4 slots for Melange. So I was really scared if I would get thru.

Also I really did not show as much dedication I showed towards Melange, as to other 2 proposals, Django and Mercurial. I literally did not contact them myself during the proposal ranking and rating stage. I waited for them to ask me something, which was really not right on my part. But my thought was simple.

"I already know people at Melange. I also used to submit some patches to Melange before. I liked the project for which I had applied very much. And the team is awesome. So why split the focus on 3. Concentrate on one and get it going" I felt. Also I really really really love the project I am selected for, deep in my heart. Mainly because, GHOP is Google's program to encourage getting high school students into Open Source Contribution. I had followed GHOP 2007-08 closely. I was amazed to see the school kids doing so many interesting stuff. So I thought I must some how get an opportunity to work with Child prodigies like them. And implementing GHOP would make it possible. So I started concentrating mostly, or should I say only on Melange. I started taking up bugs/issues/features and started fixing/implementing them. I sent out my patches to Melange dev list, few of them got committed too. A few of the were reviewed and I was asked to submit the patches with some suggested changes. I am working on them at the moment.

I need to say this now with all bold letters. "A big thanks to Sverre. It was him, who helped me to get upto the speed of the code base. He literally spoon-fed me initially when I started out working on the patches" . I am actually both shocked and surprised to see the patience with which he used to answer my silliest of the silliest questions too. I can safely tell, that I myself patience. If some one had persuaded me so much, I would have said, RTFM at least at some point. Amazing patience he has. I really really need to thank him for all the help. Also I am looking for a chance to meet him somewhere and hug him, for all the help :P.

Also it was Lennie who used to review my patches. A big thanks to Lennie too for taking so much time to review my patches. I must say even he has equally good patience. Otherwise he would not have reviewed my patches for sure :P There were so many trivial issues like indentation issues, trivial errors, misconceptions and other things. Also thanks to Pawel for giving me ideas as to how to proceed with the idea to implement the features or fix the bugs, layout designs among other things.

Inspite of all these, all through the proposal rating and ranking period Lennie used to scare me, using his ever favourite quote, "If at all you get selected". He also used to say a week left for selection results, 1 and half days left, a day left and so on and this used to scare me more. A lot I must say. I must also say, he must be given a chance in an horror movie. LoL! (Lennie if you are reading it, no offenses meant. I know you won't take it offensively, but still ...)

Finally after the results came, I was selected. I was very happy. I am still happy. I can now really realize my dream of implementing GHOP for Melange and work with all the Programming Whiz kids, when the next GHOP happens. I must really thank Google for having taken such great initiatives to get both University students and School kids to Open Source development. It is not really easy. A big thanks to Google. And of course, not to forget, Hail LH (Leslie). All this wouldn't have been possible without her. Thank you so much LH!

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