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Madhusudan C.S.
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May 31, 2008, 6:47 a.m.

   It was Saturday night about 2:30 AM here, rather Friday night, 21HRS UTC. Hurd GSoC meeting was going on as usual(It starts from 19 HRS UTC every friday night). Sandeep.C.S, or what I call him as Sandy affectionately, one of my very very (very)* close friends(I cannot the number of verys, so I have used a regular expression with *) pinged me to check my inbox and see his mail. I was busy answering the queries that were being shot on me by my mentor about the progress during the week and plans for next week. I somehow made sometime and opened the mail he had sent. There was a great surprise waiting for me.

   When I opened the mail I had got an award from him. It was one of the funniest awards I had ever got and that too from my close friend. Being obsessed with computers from a very young age, and addicted to internet from the time I got broadband way back in early 2007, I used to use and still use for more than 300 hours a month as BSNL usage stats show, that calculates to around 10 hours a day. During holidays I use internet for 14-15 hours a day!!! Believe it or not. And when I have college I use it for 4-6 hours a day which averages to 10 hours a day easily. I am seen online from the moment I get and brush to close to dawn next day. He He He. I myself cant stop laughing at this craze, but please stop making fun of me from there. When one of my close friends Joish Rajendra Kumar asked me why I am so much obsessed I had humorously said "As soon as I get up first thing I see is my computers switch and then after getting up completely the Ganesha photo which mom has put in my room and has made it compulsory to see before I get up becomes visible."

   With such an obsession I used to be available for chat through GMAIL and am still available for almost all the time I am online. My GMAIL chat history showed the results on the first page navigation bar as "1-50 chat messages out of thousands". Even Google with the power of Google number and such heavily performing super computers is not able to calculate the number of chat histories in my inbox. No wonder I use 1.3GiB of GMAIL's space of which at least 800MiB will be chat history and remember its a text and doesn't use much space(800MiB of text = 800 million characters, i.e its roughly 230,000 pages). So with all these highs, I wanted some one to award me for such adventures online. But sad who the hell will do it for me? It looks totally crazy, idiotic, stupid or whatever you want to say for anyone if I expect such things. But as I know, only Sandy can understand my tastes, my feelings, my thoughts from BASE and PU days. We both used to like same kind of movies, tele-serials and had common opinion in many things, except that he was a great fan of Mechanical Engineering and I was again obsessed with Computer Science and thats what we took as Engineering courses too. Also it goes without saying I am Madhusudan.C.S and he is Sandeep.C.S ;-)

   With this commonalities, ok I wont irritate you more, I will kill the suspense, Sandy gave me on May, 31st, 2008 night at 2:30 AM, this Special ONLINE BRAVERY AWARD. The mail read like this

"I sandeep , take great privilege and with high respect, presenting you the first prize of the prestigious
" LINEMAN AWARDS " for chatting with me for 2319 lines.... thank u maga

The prize consisting of a GOLDEN MACBOOK and A STATUETTE WITH GOLDEN CUP...."

and it consisted of the following two awards.
Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by

He He He. Notice the title given there, Lineman, LOL!!! What a sense of HUMOUR and notice the number of lines of chatted with him. He has taken so much of pains to give this award to me. It seems he has manually counted the number of lines we have chatted and added it. I was overwhelmed. I cannot say anything more Sandy.

THANKS THANKS (THANKS)* A LOT!!!(Again Regular Expression)

And finally, this is the most hillarious Online Conversation(Chat) I had ever had, it was between me and Sandy the moment when he pinged me asking me to see the award.

2:35 AM Sandeep.C.S: maga cennagidya prize u
me: yaavdo?
Sandeep.C.S: noodo
2:36 AM mail nalli
me: wowwww
  where did you get it?
  thanks a lot maga
2:37 AM Sandeep.C.S: yello siktu ningoskara hudukde
me: sooper maga
  but how did you count the lines of chat?
2:38 AM Sandeep.C.S: add maad-de maga....LKG buddhi bidakkagutta
2:39 AM me: ha ha ha
  thanks for all the pain maga
2:40 AM Sandeep.C.S: yeno pain ....MY PLEASURE maga...
2:41 AM laptop nalli mac-os kittaaki UBUNTU haako aayta
me: ha ha ha sure
2:42 AM ade maadodu
Sandeep.C.S: ;-)
  ok maga malkotini aayta.....
2:43 AM bye maga cya gn sd
2:44 AM means GOLDEN CUP and COMPUTER anta
2:45 AM me: ok fine bye
Sandeep.C.S: ;-) ;-) bye maga
me: GN
  oh ok
  ha ha ha ha
2:46 AM I have a surprise for you tomo
Sandeep.C.S: yenappa adu
me: looo
  comedy maadbeda
  *I will give you a surprise test tomorrow* lecturer thara
  its a surprise ashte
Sandeep.C.S: ok ok
2:47 AM bye maga
me: bye gn sd
  thanks for the gift again
Sandeep.C.S: u r moooost wweeelllllcome

Thanks to Google too, for giving us this amazing powerful feature called Chat History.Long Live GOOOOOOGLE SERVERS ;-)

-- Yours lovingly

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